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Donations for Max

Max was dumped at a local vet in late May 2024, already missing one eye and his other one in such bad shape that it had to be removed. Hes small, about 25 pounds, and guessing about 2 or 3 years old, and possibly an Frenchie / English mix.

The vet neutered him while he was under as well, so hopefully he wont need any more surgery.

He needs a special foster home that can help him recover and work with him. We are told hes very sweet, but it will take a lot of work to get him use to his new life without sight.

He is learning how to be a blind dog and with that comes some issues he needs help working through. He should probably be the only dog in the home at least for a bit or unless someone has the ability to separate. Though he has played with his foster brother a few times, he tends to get aggressive and resource guard.

If you would like to donate to Max's care, he would really appreciate any help

What's New with DBR?

Amazon Wish List

We have started using Amazon wish list for some of our forever fosters who could use some additional help with everyday things like bowls, treats, special eye drops and shampoo's. If you have been thinking of donating check out the link below to browse some of our forever fosters wish lists! 

Monthly Donations

DBR has started a new recurring monthly donation program. We like to call it DBR's hero's! As a hero you will receive a quarterly email outlining things going on with the rescue, event's planned and who has been adopted and who is available for adoption. Along with this email, you will have the opportunity to have your name or a pets name on the DBR Hero's page! Click on the link below for more information.

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