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Always wanted to foster or adopt a bulldog but can't due to circumstances in your life? How about sponsoring a bulldog and helping with their care? Some of our dogs are permanent or long term fosters due to age or disabilities, often requiring extraordinary medical assistance.  When you sponsor, you are helping DBR continue to have the financial means to provide the best care for both our long term/permanent fosters AND incoming bulldogs. Please take a moment to scroll down and read about some of our exceptional bulldogs and take a look at their Amazon wish lists. Any sponsorship's are greatly appreciated.   

Meet Honeypot!

"My name is Honey Pot. I am a ten year old female Bully (pun intended), and my mom says that I am just a peach! What I mean is that I am house trained (most of the time), I like to walk with my leash on, I like to keep my nails beautiful with mani/pedis, and I don’t mind spending time alone in the safety of my crate. I like going for long walks when the weather isn’t too warm or too cold, because I enjoy the extra outdoor time to give my sniffing muscles an extra workout! The walks I take are in addition to the long hours we spend snuggling and watching TV together. I have a dog friend right now that I live with (translate: tolerate), but I prefer to be the only love because I get nervous when I have to share with other pets or children. I am very shy around people and I don’t like to be forced into socializing, but I mean well so if mom works with me, sometimes I warm up to others. I am an English Bull Dog, so I get my eyes and ears cleaned regularly (like the queeny that I am!) so I can stay as beautiful as I am today."

Meet Tebow!

Gentle soul 8 year old boy ends up in to our rescue after his owner passed. He and his buddy were in the house for almost 3 months with family stopping in to make sure they had food. There was a doggy door which he used without a problem. Well, things changed again and he ended up in a Vet/kennel where it was found that Tebow has a torn ACL in one leg and a stretched ACL in the other. The kennel reached out to DBR as they could not afford the surgery’s and he was looking at being put down.


In the time he has been with his foster family he has been a wonderful boy, only a few accidents as he adjusted to not having a doggy door anymore. Found out he loves stuffed animals, carries them everywhere he goes. He is so well behaved, loves everyone. He has a long road ahead as he heads for surgery shortly and would love a ramp to make getting in and out of the car possible. I would really appreciate any help you can offer.

Meet Jimmy!

My name is Jimmy. I came into DBR when I was really young and unable to use my back legs. DBR tried therapy and after many test's and doctor visit's they discovered it is more of a neurological issue. I started chewing my leg so much that they had no choice but to amputate it. But that hasn't stopped me from being a happy boy...most of the time when I don't get mad walking up early or getting baths anyways. I do get plenty of walks in a stroller, and I like playing. I'm so lucky that DBR gave me a chance to be happy and be myself. My forever mom is the best and I am so lucky to have her. If you could please look at my wish list for my everyday care and some cool toys I would appreciate any help you can offer my forever mom.

Hi, I'm Amor! It means "love" in Spanish, and I have so much of it. I love belly rubs, and treats, and walking, and pretty much everything except other dogs. My tail wags my whole body when I see my new foster mom! I was saved by a real superhero, Alex, who got me out of the cold, where I had been chained and bred so many times. While I'm settling in to my new warm house, I'm still having trouble holding it until I get outside. I'm working on getting my allergies under control, keeping my collar on, and sleeping on the softest thing I can find. If you could please look at my wish list for treats and comfort, and also some stuff so my foster mom can clean up this dirty carpet, I would really appreciate any help you can offer. 

Meet Amor!

DBR Seniors

Seniors are special and have a lot of love to give! DBR will provide care for these sweet senior dogs for the rest of their lives. If you would like to contribute towards their care, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your continued support.

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