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In Memoriam.
See you again one day at the rainbow bridge...


Pudge 01.02.2016


DBR alum, Pudge, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Pudge was a sweet boy, adopted in 2007 by a wonderful family who loved him dearly. We are very thankful to the Hosner family for giving him such a great life. RIP handsome boy, you will be missed. 

Mason 01.05.2016


DDBR alum, Mason, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We are very thankful to the Buchino family for letting him know the meaning of a forever home, and showing him all the love and care he deserved. RIP handsome boy, you will be missed. 

Hank 01.14.2016


DBR alum, Hank, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Hank was a sweet, silly, total Momma's boy, who you just could not help but smile whenever you saw him or even a picture of him. Many of you have seen Hank at our events, like our annual Parade of Rescues, where he usually insisted his momma carry him around the ring instead of him walking, lol. You also may know Hank from his awesome line of laundry basket beds! We can not thank Amy enough for taking this sweet boy, giving him a forever home, and all the love he could ever ask for. Please keep Hanks family in your thoughts and prayers. RIP sweet boy, you will be missed. 

Bruno 01.19.2016


DBR alum, Bruno, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We are very thankful that he had such a wonderful family to live out his years with. We are so sorry that he is gone, but know he was very happy and loved until the end. RIP Sweet Boy.

Goldie 01.26.2016


We have some sad news. Beautiful DBR alum, Goldie, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. 
Though she will be missed greatly, we are so happy that she had such a wonderful life after adoption with her dad, and she knew how very loved she was. Please keep her dad in your thoughts and prayers.  RIP precious girl, until we meet again. 

Romeo 02.26.2016


It is with very heavy hearts that we share that DBR alum Romeo has gained his wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Many thanks to Melody and Gary for giving this very special boy the most spoiled, loving home any bully could ask for. Thoughts and prayers are with you both during this very difficult time. God speed sweet Romeo. 

Pocky Jenkins 03.21.2016


It is with very heavy hearts that we have learned this morning that one of our longest friends and volunteers, Raven, has lost her beloved bully, Pocky Jenkins. Pocky was a DBR alum who came into our care and became a foster failure to Raven and Darius, where she was loved and spoiled each and every day. Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers go out to Raven and Darius today. Pocky will be missed terribly. God speed sweet princess!

Grunty 03.31.2016


We have some sad news tonight. DBR alum, Grunty, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Though this is heartbreaking news, we are comforted by the fact that he has been able to spend his last time on Earth with his loving dad in his forever home. Please keep his dad James in your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.  Thank you James, for loving this wonderful boy and giving him the forever home he so deserved. RIP sweet boy.

Ozzy 04.01.2016


It is with great sadness that we have learned that DBR alum, Ozzy, has crossed the rainbow bridge. Ozzy came into rescue as a senior 3 years ago and was adopted by a wonderful family who gave him the kind of life he so deserved. Lots of attention, treats, toys and most of all LOVE! Many thanks go out to the Mangiapane family for providing Ozzy with such a wonderful life! God speed handsome, sweet Ozzy. 

Wooly Bully 05.04.2016


We have some sad news. DBR alum, and my own precious boy, Wooly Bully (AKA Handsome), has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Bully came into DBR 10+ years ago as an owner surrender. He was being kept in a basement, scared, and had mange and a horribly inverted tail. Once healed, it was obvious that he was part of the family, so with us he stayed.

He has been the best boy anyone could ever ask for. Sweet, silly, loving, funny, I could go on and on.
He protected us from the scary refrigerator, garbage bags, lawn mower, heat register, and many other dangerous things that he felt we needed to be protected from.

He has been a wonderful ambassador for DBR, attending events, doing charity walks, going on many home checks to meet people and their other pets. We always said, “If you can’t get along with Bully, you can’t get along with anyone!”. And it was always true.

He loved pool parties, tap dancing when he was happy, which was 99.9% of the time, snuggling, strawberry picking, and chewing on his gumabone. Many who met him also knew he like to “hug” visitors . He was just the best boy ever.

This March, 3 days before his 11th birthday, he was diagnosed with Cutaneous Lymphoma. We immediately started treatment, but unfortunately, it did not work. I said good bye to my sweet boy yesterday.

There will never be another like him, but we’ll keep helping others to honor him.

RIP my precious handsome boy.


Demo 05.26.2016


We have some sad news tonight. DBR alum, Demo, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. 
This sweet boy was just diagnosed with Leukemia last week. We are glad that he has spent the last year in his forever home with a dad that loved him very much.  Please keep his dad in your thoughts and prayers. 
RIP sweet boy. You will be missed.

Wilson 06.29.2016

We have some sad news tonight. DBR alum, Wilson, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Two years ago, a sweet bully boy came to my house to be fostered. His name was Wilson. 
We soon found out that this poor thing was very sick, and after many tests, and finally exploratory surgery, the culprit was found. A bunch of children's toys in his intestines. This poor baby had been dumped at the pound like this :(
It was a long, difficult recovery. And we thought we were going to lose him more than once, but he made it, and recovered completely, and could eat normal food and got up to a normal weight (plus a few extra). 
He was all set to go to a forever home, but I just couldn't. Even though I'd done this countless times, something in me knew Wilson needed to stay. Luckily, the prospective adopters understood and a permanent part of my family he became. He even had a special relationship with my mom, he loved her and protected her and she loved him dearly.
He had a condition called fly-biting, which we joked about that it was invisible bees that he was chasing. But he was on medicine for that and it was pretty much gone. 
Everything was going well. He had a check up and full blood panel done on 6/13, where everything was perfect! He was a happy boy. Tuesday morning I rushed him to the vet, as he was clearly not feeling well, even though he had been fine 24 hours prior. He had pulmonary edema, and had to go into the oxygen chamber.  He went into cardiac arrest about 30 minutes later, and they were not able to revive him. An autopsy showed a large tumor on his heart wrapped around and he had no symptoms until the very end.
It's not fair, he didn't have enough time here. His life was finally great. 
He will be missed by everyone who knew him, and my heart hurts that he's gone. I love you sweet boy, say hi to Wooly Bully for me. 
RIP Willie Willie Wilson. Xoxo

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