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Welcome to Detroit Bulldog Rescue, covering all of Michigan, with volunteers all over the state. We've been in existence since 1993 and have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed hundreds of bulldogs over the years.  
Our organization is 100% volunteer and donation based. We invite you to learn more about our organization and to reach out to us....whether you wish to surrender a dog, foster, adopt, or donate.

We are a 501c3 registered rescue. Your donations are tax deductible!  

Our Philosophy

​​We make every decision always with the mindset of what is best for each bulldog. Sometimes those choices are difficult, but every decision is made with the best interest of each particular bulldog.


We carefully screen our potential adopters to try to ensure that they are truly suited to owning a bulldog and that they will provide a safe, secure and life long home for that dog.


Our Passion

We love this breed, personality, quirks and all. Truly we are a little crazy about bulldogs....despite our love for the breed there are certainly some things we would like to change. We work to educate people about the importance of breeding for health - imagine the suffering that would not occur if the breed could be rid of the many conditions that afflict bulldogs.  


Our Vision

We hope for every bulldog to have a loving home from puppy-hood until its final day. We strive for a world free of suffering with no such thing as puppy-mills, dog fighting or dog abuse.  


We would love to see the day when our rescue is no longer needed.



Our wish is for every bulldog to have a loving forever home!

PLEASE NOTE: We are a 100% volunteer based organization with families, full-time jobs, pets and sometimes fosters of our own. OUR ONLY FORM OF PAYMENT COMES FROM BULLY KISSES AND BUTT WIGGLES! Please have patients with us as we process any adoption/foster applications, our first priority is the care and well being of the bullies in our rescue. The adoption process can take up to several months and is dependent on each individual bulldogs needs. We know how exciting a prospect of adding a bullie to your family can be, but again we must prioritize the needs of the individual bulldogs first. Thank you all for understanding and your continued support!e individual bulldogs first. Thank you all for understanding and continued support!

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