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In Memoriam.
See you again one day at the rainbow bridge...


Tank 12.16.2015


Some sad news tonight. DBR alum, Tank, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you Christine and Frank for taking such wonderful care of him. 
RIP sweet boy, you will be missed. 

Colby 12.04.2015


Today, our hearts are broken at the loss of DBR alum, Colby, who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. We still remember when he first came in, and we were at the mall at an event, and he so wanted a toy on the shelf, and when we would say "no", he would wag his tail.

We are so very thankful that he chose Stacy Sloan, as his forever mom, pretty much immediately when he came in to rescue. She gave him all the love he could ever want, and he left this world knowing nothing different.

RIP handsome boy, we will see you again. 

Lefty 11.16.2015


Some sad news tonight, DBR alum, Lefty, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We are so thankful for the D'Anna family for giving him a wonderful life. He will be greatly missed. RIP handsome boy. Xoxo (Heather) 

Sheeba 07.23.2015


We have some sad news tonight. Beautiful DBR alum, Sheeba, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. 
We are so thankful that Sheeba had such a wonderful family for these last years who said "She was a beautiful companion, family member who brought so much joy to me. She will be greatly missed. Thank you DBR for letting me love her!" 
RIP sweet girl, you will be missed. 

Champ 06.05.2015


DBR alum, Champ, also lovingly known as Dum, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Champ was a sweet sweet boy who came into rescue with his face all scarred up from being beat up by a dog in his previous home who didn't like him.

He was adopted by the Gale family who has loved him for years and gave him a wonderful life. We are very thankful to them for everything they did for him. 

He will also be sorely missed at DBR events where he was always entertaining, and who can resist that adorable face? RIP sweet boy until we see you again. 

Lucy Lui 06.04.2015


Lucy was fostered by Raven and then adopted by Stacy Sloan, who gave her the most wonderful life a bully could possibly dream of. Lucy was known for her sassiness and for her love of only one person - her mama, Stacy. And who could blame her? Not only did Stacy (a professional chef) routinely cook Lucy scrambled eggs and anything else her little heart desired, she gave her understanding, patience and unconditional love. When Lucy was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Stacy remained strong and resolved to do everything she could to keep her happy and comfortable. Even if that included several trips through the Arby's drive-through when that was all Lucy would eat. Lucy was surrounded by love from the time she came home with Stacy until her last breath in her mama's arms. Run free, Lucy. 

Jodi 06.02.2015


DBR alum, Jodi, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. 
We are very thankful that she was able to live out her life with the Milne family who loved her very much. RIP sweet girl, you will be missed. 

Justice 05.08.2015


DBR alum, Justice, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He was a wonderful, sweet boy and will be greatly missed. 

We are thankful to Jen and Ryan for giving him a loving home and making his last few years happy ones!! RIP sweet boy

Maggie 04.07.2015


DBR alum, Maggie, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  She had just turned 13 in February, and was loved very much by her family.

We are thankful for Ann and Gary for giving her such a wonderful home, and showing her what true love really meant. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. RIP sweet girl. You will be missed. 

Biscuit 03.30.2015


DBR alum, Biscuit, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She was loved very much and her family is devastated. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  We are thankful to the Buchinos for making sure she left this world knowing unconditional love. RIP sweet girl. You will be missed.

Barney 02.25.2015


DBR alum, Barney, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  Barney was a special boy who had a disease in which his immune system attacked his hair follicles, rendering him almost completely bald, but his adoptive family did not let that sway them from adopting him and loving him. We can not thank them enough. 

Please keep Paul and Jodie in your thoughts and prayers in this sad time. RIP sweet Barney.

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