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Here are some of our rescue bulldogs' happily ever afters in their forever homes.

Lilly and Visa


Our very special bonded pair, Lilly and Visa, are in their forever home together!

We would like to send a huge thank you out to the Brady's for fostering them and for their generous donation of their vet care, and congratulations to the Bowers!! Thank you for making these sweet girls part of your family!



In the winter of 2014, we got a very scared, special little girl in named Mitzy. She was posted online as free and had been used for breeding. We changed her name to Turtle and worked real hard to bring her out of her shell.

Even after months of being loved and cared for she was still terrified and wanted to sit in corners, cower, and run whenever she had a chance. DBR worked with a behaviorist to help , and Turle while she made progress, she needed a patient family willing to continue her work on her extreme fear of humans.


A wonderful family stepped up to give Turtle a chance when many others were scared off by her temperament. As you can see, once Turtle, who is now Myrtle because she no longer hides her head like a turtle, was given a chance she has blossomed into a full fledged pack member in her forever home! Here she is snuggled on the sofa with all of her fur brothers and sisters! Thank you Bill and Alicia Bloink for taking a chance on this special girl!!!!



Bree came in as an emergency intake. She was the  the worst case of abuse/neglect that the President of DBR has seen in her 12+ years rescuing. 


After months of veterinary care for skin issues, bladder infections, spine issues and other infections, Bree was adopted by family who had previously adopted another special DBR bulldog, Edgar who is deaf. 


Best wishes Bree!



The top photo (to the let) shows what Briggs looked like when he came into our care. He had a severe case of Demodex, was grossly underweight and was infested with worms and parasites. The bottom photo shows Briggs you can see he looks like a different dog.


After having had a very difficult start to his life, once he was shown a loving home he has thrived both physically and emotionally. After Finding his his forever home, Briggs and his adoptive mom began an 8 month journey that started with a simple obedience class to encourage good manners, but didn'tend there...  Briggs completed his therapy dog training and passed his Therapy Dog International certification! He is an example of what great dogs come out of rescue. 

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