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Happy Birthday Gertie!

Gertie turned 1! And to help her celebrate, we thought we'd update everyone with her progress. We're also asking everyone to donate a dollar, in honor of her 1st birthday, to help her continue her physical therapies.

Thank you in advance for your Birthday donations to Gertie! It's amazing how far she's come!

Here she is when she came into rescue at 3 months old in November 2014. Look at how her legs bend in the wrong direction. :( She could not stand up on her own or walk due to her back legs. At the time, she crawled around using only her front legs.

Gertie's diagnosis was not promising: all four of her legs have pretty major congenital defects. But DBR wanted to give her the fighting chance she deserved and moved forward with surgery and therapy.

In March she received her first set of wheels! As you might be able to guess from her expression, she isn’t too sure about them. The hope was that she may be able to walk on her own eventually but the cart was to help with rehab by supporting her front and back.

She also started hydrotherapy:

All her hard work has been paying off - by early summer she was standing on her own and taking a few steps.

And a little over a month ago, her foster mom shared this great video of her playing. Like every puppy does:

Here is Gertie today from her latest hydrotherapy session - go Gertie go!

Please help us help her by donating to Sponsor Gertie. Thank you for your support!

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